Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall is here and with it comes a certain sense of loss.  Not only for sunny days, but it always brings to my mind our little gardens are going to bed down and sleep for the winter.  Today I want to share a really special garden with you.  I have  a dear friend (I think of her as the Goddess of Gardening) Trish.  So you can refer to her as "Trish the Goddess".  She invited me over the other day to photograph some of her beautiful flowers.  I took pictures for less than an hour and had 180 images.  It was so wonderful to stand in this magical place.  Before I post more of pictures I want to share with you a treasured memory of mine.  My grandfather, Oscar Swalander's family came to the Pacific Northwest in the late 1800's.  He had a little sister Velma (better known in my circle as Aunt Wowie, Velma being way too hard for my mother to pronounce).

Now Aunt Wowie had a wonderful talented way of explaining life to all of us.  She was the one that told us about the fairies in the garden.  She would explain that some of the flowers were actually little umbrellas to keep the fairies dry in the rain.  Or she would tell us that if were very quiet and still we might actually see the fairies dancing about among the flowers.  So as you look at the pictures here think of her and imagine smiling little faces dancing with carefree abandon in "Trish's" Garden.

I am not going to name the flowers because I can't remember all of their names.  I could just make some up, however if you tried to buy the seeds with my names it might be a little problem...

These sunflowers were simply amazing.  I am thinking
little fairy children would love to climb to the top
of the tall stems and lounge around on the flowers.

The picture on the left of the Zinnia's (I do know that one) brings to my mind Monet's work.  The flowers were as tall as I am.  Wow!!!

This tree is fabulous.  The leaves smell like peanut butter (Not kidding either) and the flowers smell like gardenias.  How amazing is that one?
I see fairies sliding down these leaves and playing in the moss under the tree.

Rosa Rugosa what beautiful flowers.

This beautiful flower is a Black Holly Hock.
I say "slide on over Georgia O'Keefe's Poppy"
because this one is real.

You know only in a magic garden will you find morning glories among the grapes.
This is one of my favorites.

These just might be parachutes.  Multi-tasking in
the garden.

Party hats for fairies I am thinking....

I don't know about you, these could be little tables. Just sayin'

Before we leave this most enchanted garden,  remember these flowers will go to sleep for the winter and spring will come and we will look forward to their most welcome return.  And on those long winter night's we can look at the seed catalogs and dream dream's of what's to come.  What will the Goddess of the Garden think of next to delight the eye in the spring.   One can only imagine.  For all of this I say thank you Trish for sharing with us.

Same time next year...

Cheers to Happy !!



  1. This post is by Mary,

    Great memories of family and of th flowers!
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

  2. This is a wonderful story, and I can see the fairies, can't you. I love it. Great job Mary.
    And Trish, what a wonderful garden.

  3. Thanks, Mary, for the beautiful photos. I wish I could go on a field trip to Trish's garden. Just gorgeous. I loved the stories you put with it!